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Let's Lose It!

Welcome to 

Let's Lose It...... 

My Journey to Lose 126 Pounds !!

The purpose for this site is mostly to encourage myself to lose the weight that I've been wanting to lose for a long time, but haven't been able to accomplish. I hope that it will also serve as inspiration for others who need to lose weight. If you do stop my my site, please leave a message for me in my guestbook! Enjoy, and 


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(last update July 2018)

My name is Tansy!

I'm at the beginning of my second half century of life

I have three grown children

I love dragonflies

I believe in reincarnation

I write poetry

I speak three foreign languages

I enjoy cooking and baking

I like reading, especially historical fiction

I am a cat lover and have four of my own

I live by the sea

My email is [email protected]

Follow me on SparkPeople too! Become a member and send me a friend request! It's a fantastic site with endless resources, motivation and help for your weight loss, fitness and nutrition efforts as well as tons of info and articles on general health and wellness. Try it, you'll like it!

"Yes We Can Can"/ The Pointer Sisters - Listen and get motivated!!!

Disclaimer: Yes, I have to add a disclaimer because I am NOT a health professional, fitness expert or nutrition expert!! This blog is for fun and motivation to improve, NOT for medical or nutritional advice. So here:

Disclaimer: All the information presented on this blog is for entertainment purposes only. This blog is NOT a substitute for any advice you may get from your physician. ALWAYS consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any weight loss, nutrition or exercise program. Use of the programs, advice, and information contained in this website is the sole choice and at the assumed risk of the reader.

This is me. Actually, I have gained some

since this picture, but since I don't let anyone take my picture, this will have to do for now!