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Let's Lose It!



Ooops! Missed the starting line

Posted on 20 January, 2014 at 8:40

Oh dear!! Here it is almost five months later! What happened?? Okay, to be honest, I just plain didn't start. I'm sure many who are reading this have done the same thing. Best of intentions and then not starting at all. The worst part is, that in the meantime I've gained yet MORE weight! I now tip the scales at a "Rubenesque x3" 250 pounds!! Ugh!! This is the heaviest weight I have EVER been in my entire life. 

So, I'm NOT going to waste space here beating myself up about this. Instead, I'm going to take action, finally. I have decided to try the fast diet. I think the 2 days of near fasting (can have 500 cals) are do-able for me, and then I can just eat regular stuff, moderately, on the other 5 days without having to count unless I decide that I want to. Which I probably will at some point, since I will want to increase my rate of loss when I hit a plateau. Today is a fast day (I'm planning on Monday and Thursday), so I am going to start my day with a hard boiled egg on a piece of multigrained toast. At mid-day I may have a banana, then perhaps a salad or soup for dinner. AND I'm going to walk today. My treadmill isn't usable at the moment, since I have boxes of Christmas things that need to go out to my shed in there and there's no room to fold it out. But, if I don't get to putting those out today, I will simply walk outside. 

So, that's the plan! 

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